Ringtone Lil Baby – Forever (Ft. Lil Wayne)

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Lil Baby – Forever (Ft. Lil Wayne) Ringtone Free Download for Mobile Mp3

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If I sell my soul, I’ll take it back, I’m slime forever (Gimme that)
I put bust down on the whole gang, we gon’ shine together
She got Rollies on her timepiece when she step out, she be flashin’
Whenever we get alone, I give her half and she get nasty
My jeans is special edition, Amiri send me these pants
And now everybody be tough, is he gangster or he just actin’?
Ain’t got no card, don’t do no fraud, seem like all of my bitches plastic
Know you niggas don’t want smoke, let’s see who run it up the fastest
Keep that fire when I’m cold, I can’t let them catch me lackin’
I don’t know if they think I’m sweet because I’m rappin’
But fuck ‘em, we get active (Get active)






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