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Nba Youngboy – Lost Motives Ringtone Free Download for Mobile Mp3

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For to fall, they been waitin’ on me, I know that’s what they all say
Live it up, they been hatin’ on me, I ain’t trippin’ ‘cause we all paid
New Givenchy, fuck the critics
Ridin’ on the wave, you gon’ wash away
I came in by myself, they ain’t listen
I was the nigga with the ticket, the one had the ambition
Came up runnin’, we’ll take off from them cop cars
When we got caught, ain’t do no trippin’, that’s what made us
This 30 stick up in this Glock, this what saved us
To bullshit, hard like a rock, it won’t change us
Behind my mans, I’ll die today, I won’t change up





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