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Zeus – Eminem feat. White Gold Ringtone Free Download for Mobile Mp3

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Zeus - Eminem Ringtone Download:

Yeah, they woke a giant up
So when I get back on my feet, don't wonder why in the
Fuck is my head in the clouds (Nah)
G5 with the stewardess, gettin' head in the clouds (Haha)
Mile-high club (Why?), I give a flying fuck (Fly and fuck, no)
Punchliner just tryin' to survive in this climate of vaginas (Bitch)
Who dyin' to cancel my ass like Aunt Jemima syrup
I'm a shit-stirrer, you're a dime-a
Dozen, said I couldn't do it
Hit Europe, kicked the door in, put a foot through it (Ugh)
Like a stirrup (Stirrup)
Used to have to sit and watch them bills pile up (Yeah)
Now I just sit back and watch them bills pile up (Haha), but

I be on my own (Yeah, woo), head up in the clouds like Zeus
When they say, "You ain't the GOAT", I come down like, "Who?"
But I got my head in the clouds like Zeus
Swear I can see the game from a bird's-eye view, ayy
Bitch, you talkin' to a rap god, ayy
Girl, you talkin' to a monsta, ayy
You could give your whole damn life to the music thing
They gon' turn around...


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